ON SITE (2020)                                                                 90 min.

Nothing is as it seems when a young attractive manager of a Los Angeles apartment building becomes obsessed with a new couple who move in.  Female driven tense thriller with deadly twists and turns!   Starring Chelsea Jordan (As Long As I Am Famous, Kings Are Wild), Gabi Alves (With Night Comes Wolves), David Shea Henne (Criminal Minds Beyond Borders) and Diana Lu (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, NCIS: Los Angeles) 

CROCODYLUS (2018)                                                   100 min.

A dark secret is unearthed by a local farmer. Local Paleontologists reveal its the remains of a prehistoric monster Crocodylus. It's trible seal has been broken unleashing terror upon the local towns people.

DEAD STILL(2014)                                                           87 min.

Upon the death of his great grandfather, Brandon Davis (Ben Browder) a wedding photographer inherits an antique camera famous for taking Victorian death photography. After photographing his subjects they start to die from horrible, bizarre deaths, then reappearing as eerie death portraits. When his eleven year old son goes missing, Brandon discovers the camera has supernatural powers and has trapped his son.

4 DEAD GIRLS (2013)                                                    90 min.

The Rental is a horror feature film about 4 girls who move into their first off-campus house only to find that the owner is a soul-eater.

AS NIGHT FALLS  (2011)                                               88 min.

10 year old Amelia's parents think it's time for her to go to sleep permanently, leaving her broken body in a silent shallow grave. 50 years later, Mommy and Daddy are back from hell, intent on wreaking the same deadly discipline on anyone not in bed by nightfall. Sisters Holly and Elizabeth are losing their minds, and their friends are losing their heads.