WONDERLAND                               361 X 7 min.  Legend states that the Luo dynasty’s ancestors came to Jizhou on the back of the great bird, established the great dynasty and founded the “Tianyuan Clan” to protect the land. However, with the disappearance of the great bird that guarded the Luo’s fortune, the great Luo dynasty quickly fell into decline. Before taking his last breath, the Master Di Jue passed on his position to Ye Xingyun and revealed the reason behind his name. At this time, the three aristocratic families under Jiang Shang had settled inside Ning City. Inside the family known as Ye of Qingyu, there is a young man that goes by the pseudonym of “Ye Xingyun”, who is actually Jiang Shang’s illegitimate son, Jiang Yi. Following the will of the Di Jue, Ye Xingyun infiltrates the Qingyu family to face Jiang Yi.

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