THE SORROW (2013)                            92 min.
AKA  A Sierra Nevada Gungfight

After the death of his wife, Roger Hazzard, a Veteran of the Civil War, brings his teenage son Casper to the treacherous gold fields of 1870's California. Their desperate search for gold hinges on their very survival in a dangerous and lawless land; a land where a knife, an arrow or a gun can decide one's fate. When Roger begins to lose touch with reality, Casper finds himself on his own and struggling to survive.

Director: Vernon E. Mortensen

Genre: Wester/Action

Cast includes: Kirk Harris (The Kid: Chamaco), John Savage (The Deer Hunter) Ryan Ballance in his feature film debut, Yvonne Delarosa (Los Americanos) and Michael Madsen (Sin City II).

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