BAIKAL RANGERS                                           20 X 48 min.  The story is based on real events surrounding the dramatic fate of Yuri Tarkhanov, an ex-spec ops soldier who challenged criminal gangs that used to run unchecked destroying the Baikal lake. The locals used to call his fearless Lynx unit «Baikal Rangers». Tarkhanov and his team battle their foes in the lake and on its shores. It’s a battle of life and death because poaching is a lucrative business, so the criminals and oligarchs of every stripe and level of power covering them are not going to give up without a fight.

GOLD RUSH                                                   16 X 48 min.  For those naive souls who think that socialism was a great political system, this original series is an amazing case study on why it wasn’t. Potent and intricate mix of social and personal dramas makes it tense, relatable, and truly powerful. Filmed in an old Siberian town with real gold mines, magnificent nature, and plenty of period character, the series is bound to get a gold star with any audience.

Set in the 70s, series revolves around a very strong character, former WWII veteran who’s now in charge of a gold mine and is trying to make it a perfect case of social justice and prosperity for his employees. He invests all his own money and profits into buying new equipment and paying top salaries, while the corrupted Communist Party and KGB officials are plotting against him, because Lagin isn’t sharing his good fortune with them.

SAVAGE                                                                10 X 48 min.

The chilling and true story of a post-war hunt for a Nazi collaborator, Alex Yukhnovsky, nicknamed Savage, who sadistically tortured and killed hundreds of innocent people. The series is incredibly tense, powerful and authentic, filmed with great attention to details and great performance by top Russian actors.

During the last days of the war a disfigured and hung upside-down body of Alex Yukhnovsky, the Savage, was discovered. He was killed in the exact manner he used on his victims and the case was closed. However, 30 years later, a journalist discovers that the war criminal Savage is alive and well. He passes the information to the authorities but before he can talk to them, he is found murdered.

TOTALLY AWESOME MACHINES                     13 X 30 minA show that takes the weirdest most awesome machines, and figures out what makes them unique. From a 1928 steam powered locomotive, to the most advanced machines of today. We want to know everything about machines. Jets, bulldozers, automobiles, and even robots are just the beginning. We want to find the most extreme machines throughout the world. If it’s big, dangerous, and awesome, we’ll be there.     

PAPA RAY'S VINTAGE VINYL ROADSHOW    13 X 30 min. In urban St. Louis lives Vintage Vinyl: a record mecca for the city who gave the world blues, jazz, rock n' roll and rap. Called 'One Of The 10 Best Record Stores" by USA Today, owner, DJ, musician and label owner Tom 'Papa' Ray takes you to the world of indie record shops, from New Orleans to London, Seattle to Kingston Jamaica. Each episode finds unique stores, customers, and stories. You never know what musician (famous or otherwise) will drop by as they look for the next vinyl discovery, or play an in-store for their fans. From cutting edge new music to classic rock, the indie-store scene always carries the swing and sound of the city streets. And by the way---what was your first record, CD cassette or 45?

VIZZTAZO FILLERS                                           40 X 30 Sec. 

Amazing filler series including different topics like Cooking and health to call the viewers attention.

Entertaining and educational.