DESTINATION MARFA  (2021)               97 min.

Four lifelong friends on a road trip decide to veer off road and venture into a small West Texas town known as Marfa well known by the unexplained ghost lights. When they enter Marfa, Texas they realize almost immediately that something's off. Why are very peculiar things happening? Eden Percell, because of her desire to look into everything, begins convincing Erik that the town is full of practicing witchcraft and she even makes the statement "And I think they have gotten dang good at it." What is Marfa? Why are the townspeople so secretive? Will Matt, Erik, Allie, and Eden discover the truth behind the mystery of the Marfa lights?

Director: Andy Stapp

Genre: S. Fiction

Cast:  Tony Todd - Stelio Savante - Brittany Jo Alvarado

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