ELFETTE SAVES CHRISTMAS - 2020                           90 min.  Elfette Saves Christmas is a family Christmas film that asks the question: What is the Christmas spirit all about? When Santa Claus is captured by the New York Mafia, hungry for holiday profits, one not-so-ordinary Elf must journey to save him. ​ Starring Quinton Aaron (star of The Blind Side, Left Behind) as Santa Clause.  Cast includes Kenneth McGregor (X-Men, Muppets Take Manhattan), Alea Figueroa (HBO's Ballers), 

CHRISTMAS AT MAXWELL'S                                          90 min.  Christmas at Maxwell’s is an inspirational drama that highlights the power of love and forgiveness in uplifting the human spirit. Is the story of a fortysomething man confronting the overwhelming effect his past actions seem to be taking on his life and his family? A family threatened with illness retreats to their summer home where the season of Christmas brings more than they ever imagined. .