A TALE FROM THE ORIENT  (2015)        85 min.

´╗┐Magic Eye is born with a "wisdom" eye and is gifted with unmatched strength and talent. He is full of curiosity about the world. His father encourages him to set out on a journey to discover life. As he ventures off, Magic Eye stumbles into a fantasy world that is full or wonder but where war also rages. He steps forward bravely to help the people of this world resolve their conflict and restore peace. Through his encounters, he discovers the mysteries of martial arts and learns many life lessons from it. It becomes a journey of a boy to a man.

2D + 3D 

MAGIC WONDERLAND (2014)                 92 min.

Mother Fairy gives birth to a baby girl whom she names Ocean, just as the Fire Demon attacks Fairy Land. To save the newborn baby, Mother Fairy puts Ocean into a huge clam and orders Rowly Powly, her trusted pet polar bear, to take her far away to safety. When a huge wave hits, Rowly Powly is unable to hold on to Ocean and they get separated. The baby eventually drifts onto shore and an old man picks her up. Years later, under the old man's care, Ocean grows up to be a young girl who never knew who her parents are. She embarks on a perilous journey in search of them. This is the touching tale of a young fairy Ocean in search of her true identity.

MAGIC WONDERLAND (2014)                                           92 min.

Welcome to the world of Ocean, a young girl with a magical past who builds independence and strength living with her grandfather on an island. Step into a world of pirates, wizards, and adventure!