ODDBODS (series 1-3)                             60 X 7 min. ea.   

Oddbods is a CGI-animated series about seven colorful friends who live and play in Oddville. It's time to go out and play! Oddbods have invented some fun games. Come join them!

BETSY - THE BEAR CAR                               13 X 30 minJoin Betsy The Bear Car and her incredible family and friends of animal cars as they embark on one exciting adventure after another. They may make mistakes along the way, but together, they always find the solution to their problems at the end of the day. Young children will be fascinated by the imaginative world and characters in this series, and learn through its fun-filled and educational stories.

BEARRABBIT BEIBEI                                    13 X 30 min. 
The series tells the story of the five-year-old bear rabbit Beibei, living happily in Moli Village with his father bear, mother rabbit, four-year-old brother Taotao, and lovely friends.

GOB AND FRIENDS                                         91 X 3 min

Gob and Friends is a 3D motion capture animation series about a bunch of friends. Although they get along each other well, many odd and funny situations bring them to unusual yet hilarious series of events.

INSECTIEBLES                                               26 X 22 min
When Zak visits his bug-scientist (entomologist) grandpa he inadvertently activates the experimental SHRINKINATOR and wakes up bug- sized in a human-sized world.  

MAGIC WONDERLAND                                26 X 22 min
The Birth of the Magic Globe | kids videos | Welcome to the world of Ocean, a young girl with a magical past who builds independence and strength living with her grandfather on an island. Step into a world of pirates, wizards, and adventure!

RUBI                                                                13 X 30 minRubi is a lively little girl. She is smart and has lots of witty ideas. YoYo is a bunny-shaped creature and he is younger than Rubi. He likes to jump, play and eat chocolate cookies. Every episode of RUBI carries messages with pro-social and educational values, e.g., personal responsibility, care & concern for others, creativity, making friends, safety at home, a clean environment.

ABU THE LITTLE DINOSOUR                        26 X 30 min
An unlikely hero, Abu, the little dinosaur with a small fiery breath and not much else, and a whole load of responsibility, but he has a big heart - kind, brave and determined - and loyal friends, as he fights the mighty and cunning sorcerer-fox and his fiendish allies, save and redeem his father, the enchanted King, .

THE DREAM TOWN                           52 X30 min. 
Dream Town is a sweet and heartwarming animated series for preschool and young kids, in lovely and colorful 3D/CG-animation. Dream Town is a community of animals who live, work and play together in a beautiful forest by a pond. There is Princess Mimi (a girl mouse) and Dou-Dou
(a boy).