COFRADIA  (2023)                                         98  min.   The Orphaned children would imagine that being in that peaceful place there is no more suffering. For some, reality transforms them into victims. Little by little these children lose their voice and desire to live. The conspiracy of silence fostered by the Nun Jenifer, the arrival of Priest Thomas unleashing dubious comments, further exposes the defenseless children to the hands of "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing".

THE WILD MAN (2021)                                       90 min.  A young women have been going missing in Ochopee, FL, without a single suspect in custody. A young journalist, Sara, convinces her crew to join her to Ochopee as she travels to document her discoveries, they soon realize their presence in this town is not welcome. Upon meeting Dale, the town’s notorious conspiracy theorist, she’s convinced he knows more than he is willing to share. The crew humors Dale’s ridiculous theories, even accompanying him into the Florida swamps on his quest to show them “The Wild Man”, What they discover is much more sinister than they bargained for.

COVER ME (2020)                                               88  min.

Mia Stone is faced with an eerie supernatural opportunity when a strange encounter with an eccentric man gives her a second chance at saving her company, marriage, family, and future.

THE ENDLESS LOVE OF SALOME (2020)    90 min.

Salome is left to raise their only child, Joseph, by herself. Living in a fragile existence with her son, she buries herself into her artwork in an attempt to hide from her thorny past. Through a whirlpool of life changing events, the family carefully hidden secrets are unearthed and the consequential actions that occur are destructive.

THE IMMIGRANT (2020)                                     87 min.

A mother saving her own life and her recently born son, escapes from her original village laid waste by absurd violence. In an extreme push for survival, withstanding the worst danger, crosses borders and headed to New York.   

ADVENTURE HARBOR  - 2019                             90 min.

The tale of two tween boys and their new foolhardy friends discovering a mystical sea creature stirring beneath the ocean’s surface. Trouble ensues as word of their discovery gets into the wrong hands and the group must find a way to persist. Cast includes Jace Csengeri and Aundrea Smith (Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, The Clearing).

ONE NIGHT IN MEXICO  - 2016                         72 min.   

One story, one script, one cast, one location, two languages. We shot this film twice, one take in English second take in Spanish so we ended up with a unique film experience,  Pablo is a first generation Mexican/American born in the United States, his parents gave him a great education and family life as they assimilated into the American lifestyle. Little did he know that "One Night in Mexico" would change his son's life forever. Starring Alex Reymundo, Monika Munoz and special appearances by Hugo Stigliz. 'One Night In Mexico' will change your perspective across the border.

BLOOD IN THE LAGOON  - 2015                          90 min.

George Dibiya (Okey Uzoeshi) ekes out a living in the treacherous murky waters of the waste deluged Lagos Lagoon.  The chances of getting any education and, maybe clawing his way out of the situation is zero to unlikely, at best. But after the murder of his brother, George sets out to, not allow his brothers dream die. Along the way, he gets entangled with the stunningly beautiful Scarlet (Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde).

BENEATH THE BLUE (2010)                                  90 min.

In the deep blue waters of the Bahamas, a handsome tourist (The Vampire Diaries' Paul Wesley) loses his heart to a beautiful girl working at a research institute capable of communicating with dolphins. However, dangerous Navy sonar experiments killing the local dolphin population put the couple's futures in jeopardy, A close-knit group of friends and family has only one chance to save these intelligent, beautiful creatures from destruction.